Reporting weaknesses

How can I report a vulnerability in the Don’t-PSD2-me-register or website?

We really appreciate it when you report a weak spot to us. We can then take measures before a weak spot (vulnerability) is on the street. Make your report as soon as possible via or 020-8100279. When you report a vulnerability, remember the following:

  • Provide enough information to reproduce the problem. Think of the IP address, the URL and a description of the vulnerability.
  • Leave your contact details (email address or phone number) so that we can contact you. It goes without saying that we will treat your personal details confidentially.
  • Make the report as soon as possible after discovering the vulnerability.
  • Do not share the information about the security problem with others until it is resolved.
  • Deal responsibly with the knowledge of the security problem. Do not take any action beyond what is necessary to demonstrate the security problem.
  • Do not abuse a weak spot in an ICT system or register

Does your report meet these conditions? Then we will not attach any legal consequences to the report and we are very grateful to you! We will respond to your report as quickly as possible, but at least within one working week, and will keep you informed of progress. Together we will determine whether and how the reported problem will be reported.