Don't-PSD2-me-register is SIDN Pioneer

The SIDN Fund proudly presented the first batch of Pioneers of 2019 on 22 May 2019! One of the Pioneers is the Privacy First Foundation with the Don't-PSD2-me-registe.

Is innovation with payment details possible while maintaining privacy? PSD2 is the new European banking law allowing payment data to be used with non-banking banks as well. parties can be shared. However, the legislator has neglected to ensure privacy by design. Stichting Privacy First therefore takes the initiative for a Don't-PSD2-me-register. This is an opt-out register with which account numbers can be filtered. The use cases are account numbers of "special personal data" such as a payment to a trade union, healthcare provider, political party or organization that discloses sexual orientation. And consumers who reveal their want to have counter-calculation filtered out. The Don't-PSD2-me-register can guide at European level.