Whitepaper published

At the end of last year, it became clear that the evaluation of PSD2 would start only by the end of 2021 Therefore we decided to write a whitepaper with our insights from the PSD2 project.

The white paper elaborates on a number of solutions that can easily be used to fix these omissions. These are:

  • better informing of consumers
  • detecting special personal data in transactions
  • filtering of this data

The most important privacy by design solution from our PSD2 project is the PSD2-me-not-filter. In the white paper we discuss this in detail. In this whitepaper we describe how special personal data can be detected. This can be done with a list of account numbers from which special personal data can be derived. With this list we have built an API that makes it possible to filter the list.

The white papers have been sent to regulators, privacy NGOs and all AISPs that are in the EBA register stand. The white paper can be downloaded below: