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How can I contribute?

With the PSD2-me-not register, we are making an important contribution to better privacy protection for all consumers. What can you do to contribute to the success of the PSD2-me-not registry? We provide some examples of how you can contribute to its success and to your privacy.

1. Think about it: how does PSD2 affect you? The first thing you can do is to know how valuable your payment details are to you. A nice exercise is to make a download of your payment information and ask yourself the question: which information would I rather keep secret? What impression can someone get of me with this information? Try to better understand how companies look at your data.

2. Sign up for the newsletter. This keeps you up to date with developments. Send the newsletter to interested people and spread information about our work. You can also sign up for the PSD2 Privacy Panel with which you can make your voice heard. When you register, you will be the first to hear it when we have a 'call to action'. For example, as soon as we run a pilot with payment details or search for certain input.

3. Sign up as a professional and contribute your knowledge or time. Knowledge about PSD2, knowledge of legislative processes, insights into the world of financial service providers: such professional knowledge can make the PSD2-me-not register better than we could. If you are good with databases, architecture and data analysis, you could help with the technical component. Contribute as a lawyer? You are most welcome.

4. Interested your company for the project. If you work for an organisation that processes special personal data, the PSD2-me-not register could be something for your organisation. You can contact us to find out how to do this.

5. Support us with a contribution. Finally, you always have the opportunity to donate to Privacy First. You may explicitly indicate that you wish to donate to the PSD2-me-not register or activities related to PSD2.

Would you like to know what Privacy First is even more committed to? Take a look at our general page