Website is live!

After a design and construction process of two months, the website live. On the website, the core of the project is clearly expressed immediately: 'which payments do you prefer to keep secret?Our project page provides information about PSD2 and about developments around the PSD2-me-not register. We are continuously expanding the website.

The website draws visitors' attention to the privacy risks of the PSD2. The site is designed to appeal to both individuals and professionals. Do political parties, trade unions and patient organisations realise that they have an important responsibility towards their supporters?

Information in files

The website contains a number of files in a number of blocks. About special personal data, about the project and the PSD2-me-not register. Throughout the project information will be added and updated and we will add files.

QR code as eye-catching logo

The PSD2 project has its own eye-catching logo. A QR code in a businesslike and fresh colour scheme. We opted for a QRcode to make it clear that behind the term PSD2 lies a lot. The QR code also provides contemporary possibilities. Anyone who scans the QR code now comes to the registration form for newsletters. During a presentation, for example, the audience can immediately register for the newsletter. At a later moment this link can easily be adjusted.

We hope you like the website, and it provides the information that motivates people to make the PSD2 a lot more privacy friendly!

The website has been developed by Marc Smits.